Residential Window Film

Residential Window Film

Safety & Security

This film gives a clear barrier protecting loved ones, colleagues and the general public from injury of flying shards of glass. The safety film will bring existing glass to the same legal standard as safety glass at a fraction of the cost; it’s fitted with the glass in situ so there‚Äôs no need to remove the glass to install the film.

Solar Reflective and Low E Films

This film reflects large amounts of the suns heat and glare as well as rejecting up to 99% of harmful ultra violet rays, making the room cooler and more comfortable. Low E is short for low emissivity. Low E films absorb and emit low levels of radiant thermal energy. Low E films reflect thermal energy back to its source keeping the heat on the same side of the glass from which it came from, keeping the heat out in the summer (reducing the use of air conditioning and fans) and keeping the heat in during winter (reducing heating costs) while still letting visible light pass through. You can see pay back on your investment within a few years and reduce your carbon footprint.

This is very popular within offices as an alternative to blinds.