• Can the work be undertaken without the removal of the glass?

    All work can be carried out whilst the glass is in situ avoiding unnecessary delays and inconvenience.

  • Can the window film be removed if we move premises?

    The window film can be removed, however it cannot be reused.

  • Will the window film block UV rays and prevent fading of furniture?

    Different window films have different properties, however there are several window films that offer up to 99% protection from harmful UV rays.

  • What types of window films are there?

    There are several different types of window film that have different purposes ranging from solar reflective of all different grades to safety and security for added protection.

  • Are glass polishing repairs visible?

    Glass polishing or scratch repair causes no damage. Distortion or haze and restores glass to its original clarity.

  • Will the process weaken the glass?

    No the scratch has already damaged the glass, by removing the scratch we remove the strain on the glass recreating a structurally sound unit.

  • Can tinted glass be polished?

    Yes, tints are manufactured into and throughout the glass, so polishing does not affect the tint.